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Do you know Java? Care to prove it?

Posted on 11 Feb 2022 by Hanno Embregts, Steve Poole & Martijn Verburg java conference

Here’s your chance to share your knowledge about Java, the JVM and all its offshoots, side alleys, traps, pitfalls, amazing capabilities and history. Know a cool fact about Kotlin? Got the low down on what colour James Gosling’s car was when he invented Java? Can you explain how to use caching in Spring?

Pattern matching will make Java an even more powerful language

Posted on 10 Jun 2021 by Hanno Embregts & Peter Wessels java pattern-matching

We’ve known lambdas and streams since Java 8, and they’ve made Java a more powerful language. In the next few versions of Java, even more features that originated in functional languages will be added, one of which is pattern matching. It provides an elegant way to apply conditions to certain aspects of an object. We set out to investigate the possibilities that were introduced in JEP 305 (‘Pattern Matching for instanceof’) and how the pattern matching roadmap will make Java an even more powerful language.

Congratulations Java, and many happy returns!

Posted on 23 May 2020 by Hanno Embregts java

Today is Java’s 25th birthday! On the 23rd of May 1995 the language was introduced at the SunWorld conference, in a time where desktop applications reigned supreme and the internet was still in its infancy.