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hanno.codes is the personal website of Hanno Embregts, a Java Developer with a passion for learning, teaching and making music.

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How Java Keeps Reinventing Itself

4 minute read ◦ posted on 30 May 2024 by Hanno Embregts .

IT professionals sometimes get the impression that Java is a technically less advanced or outdated languange. But it turns out the exact opposite is true. I was interviewed on this topic by Info Support’s AI interviewer ‘Anne’. Keep reading to find out why Java is still relevant in this day and age.

Java 22 Is Here, And It’s Ready To Rock

40 minute read ◦ posted on 19 Mar 2024 by Hanno Embregts .

Java 22 is here, and it’s ready to rock! Boasting a set of 12 JEPs, it finalizes features like ‘unnamed variables and patterns’ and previews new ones like ‘statements before super(…)’ and ‘stream gatherers’. This post has all the info!

Java 21 is Available Today, And It’s Quite the Update

45 minute read ◦ posted on 19 Sep 2023 by Hanno Embregts .

Java 21 is available today, and it’s quite the update. It brings us 15 (!) JEPS, finalizing features like Record Patterns & Virtual Threads and previewing new ones like String Templates. This blog post has all the info!

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