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hanno.codes is the personal website of Hanno Embregts, a Java Developer with a passion for learning, teaching and making music.

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It’s Java 20 Release Day! Here’s What’s New

22 minute read ◦ posted on 21 Mar 2023 by Hanno Embregts .

This will be a good day, because it’s Java 20 release day! It’s been six months since Java 19 was released, and so it’s time for another fresh wave of Java features. This post will take you on a tour through all JEPs that come with this release and give you a brief introduction of each one of them. Where applicable the differences with Java 19 are highlighted and a few typical use cases are provided, so that you’ll be more than ready to use these features after you’ve finished reading!

Exploring sustainability in tech (without the guilt-trips)

7 minute read ◦ posted on 14 Nov 2022 by Hanno Embregts , Julien Lengrand-Lambert , Jan-Hendrik Kuperus & Jan Ouwens .

Climate change is a thing that affects us all. As developers, we are in a unique position to help do something about this. After all, the whole world runs on computers these days, and computers consume energy. We, developers, program these computers, and the decisions that we make have consequences beyond the business domain we code for. Also, as employed people living in Europe or North-America, we belong to the top 10% of richest people on the planet.

Eleven crazy learnings from the Java 11 certification: functional interfaces actually CAN contain multiple abstract methods (10/11)

3 minute read ◦ posted on 30 Aug 2022 by Hanno Embregts .

In the summer of 2021, I got my Java 11 certification. I expected it to be quite a breeze, because I’d been a Java developer for 14 years and surely I should have seen it all by now, right? Turned out I was very wrong. I came across lots of things that I didn’t even know were possible with Java. In this weekly blog series I will go through 11 of these ‘crazy learnings’ that surprised me the most, even as an experienced developer. We’re diving into functional interfaces today.

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