1 minute read ◦ posted on 23 May 2020 by Hanno Embregts .

Today is Java’s 25th birthday! On the 23rd of May 1995 the language was introduced at the SunWorld conference, in a time where desktop applications reigned supreme and the internet was still in its infancy.

At Info Support we have used Java from the start. Since then our Knowledge Center has offered a wide range of Java-related courses, and in the projects we take on the Java programming language and the JVM play an important role. This is illustrated by the fact that our projects support several crucial industries in the Netherlands. For example, one of our Java-based systems processes over 5 million public transport transactions on a daily basis. And the train schedule that is run by the Dutch Railways relies on a Java solution that Info Support specifically developed for that purpose.

For Info Support developers there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things about Java. Besides learning on the job at one of our projects, our internal Java-community offers various ways to keep track of current and new developments. We organise both meetups and hackathons, and our community members are active technical writers and/or conference speakers at both national and international conferences.

Java is also know for its active open-source community. We all benefit immensely from the fruits of these efforts, which is the reason we are passionate about contributing to open-source software. Info Support employs a few regular committers of Apache Maven; on top of that we developed a mutation testing framework for Scala - with an open-source license, obviously!

To summarise: Java makes our work better ánd more fun. Which is why we want to congratulate Java on its 25th birthday! We wish our favourite language many happy returns and we’re looking forward to developing many more great solutions on the Java platform.

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