less than 1 minute read ◦ posted on 11 Feb 2022 by Hanno Embregts , Steve Poole & Martijn Verburg .

Here’s your chance to share your knowledge about Java, the JVM and all its offshoots, side alleys, traps, pitfalls, amazing capabilities and history. Know a cool fact about Kotlin? Got the low down on what colour James Gosling’s car was when he invented Java? Can you explain how to use caching in Spring?

Whatever level of knowledge you have, we are looking for help in creating some fun questions for a Jeopardy-style game we’re going to be running at the London Java Community and at various Java conferences including Devoxx UK in May.

If you’ve ever seen Jeopardy, you know the style. A category, a question and an answer. Except the contestants are given the answer and have to guess the question!

Sounds interesting? Then submit your thoughts here

Any questions or suggestions or do you want to help? Pop along to the London Java Community Slack channel and let us know! 

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Image by Wikimedia Commons